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What is Scrutianism?

Scrutianism is an ideology that promotes personal freedom and self-determination through a constant questioning of the world around us, to find out what the real truths are in our lives.


Scrutianism is not a religion, it is not a political doctrine, nor is it an economic system or concept. It is a way of life that enables its followers and supporters to set themselves free from artificial realities that serve to limit the individual freedoms and perceptions.

An advanced Scrutian has learned to observe the world, the news, events, human behavior and human nature from a perspective that allows him or her to differentiate truth from lies, and reality from fiction. To not be rendered a tool in others their agendas. More

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Scrutian Code

The Scrutian Code describes how a follower and supporter of scrutianism and the Scrutian Society pledges to live.


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What Does the Scrutian Symbol Mean?

The right part of the circle is a representation of a question mark. The left side of the circle refers to finding the answers and the truth.

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